The Art of Loving Kindness

Yoga Tantra, Kriya Yoga, Meditation

Spiritual Homecoming

“from every human being there arises a light

that reaches straight to heaven” Ba’al Shem Tov


Slower-paced, mindful and transformative,

join us for yoga practiced to touch the soul

and awaken higher spiritual consciousness.

Experience an Integral Approach to Yoga

  • I specialize in private instruction and small, semi-private group sessions with individualized attention
  • All yoga sessions are highly-customized to suit the needs of each practitioner
  • All yoga sessions include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation
  • Therapeutic yoga practice is offered for those recovering from or managing pain, illness or chronic health conditions
  • Vitalizing yoga practice is offered for those seeking to increase energy levels and build strength and flexibility in body and mind
  • Relaxation yoga practice is offered for those seeking relief from anxiety, overwhelm or stress
  • All yoga sessions are based in Tantra and lay a safe foundation for advanced Kriya Yoga practices. More info about Tantra & Kriya Yoga here

Want to find out how you can benefit from my approach to yoga and meditation?