Yoga means union.  “Union” has various aspects – union of body and mind, head and heart, inner self and outer self, higher mind and lower mind, individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness. Semi-private sessions with me are a sadhana, a spiritual journey aimed at experiencing these aspects of yoga or “union”.

I custom design yoga practice plans for each semi-private group. Sessions are systematic in structure and design, yet free-flowing in delivery. They are creative in the subtle way they allow practitioners to imbibe the essence of yoga according to their needs and readiness.

More than just a series of physical movement, yoga sessions create the space to experience a preliminary state of yoga represented by feelings of equipoise or  inner calm. Self-awareness grows along side self-love and compassion. With consistent practice you begin to see the “other” both in – and as – yourself.  Over time, the experience of yoga as an inner feeling spontaneously translates into a way of living. I call this process the Art of Loving Kindness.