Yoga Tantra

“One of the best, if not the best, yoga classes I’ve ever experienced.”

M. O’Neill, former yoga instructor

A key feature in our  practice, which I call Yoga Tantra, is a distinct kind of  presence known as yogic awareness. Through the practice of yogic awareness you develop the capacity to witness your experience of each yoga practice. Turning awareness inward in this way allows the external world to quiet. This supports you to “perfect” your practice as it becomes easier and easier to manage thoughts and emotions and to allow a greater flow in your life.

In addition, the supply of energy is harmonized. This supports the healthy functioning of all systems of the body. Joints and muscles are realigned. Organs are toned. Strength and flexibility increase. Tension is released and relaxation arises. Balance in the personality is developed. An expanded awareness of possibilities, in the moment and beyond, emerges.

The practice of Yoga Tantra is suitable for all levels of experience, fitness and health. More about Yoga Tantra here.

“Perfect” yoga asana is better thought of as a psychological form of expression rather than a physical one.
That “perfection” is measured by how well we do 2 things: manage thoughts and emotions in healthy manner; and accept and flow with, rather than resist, life as it unfolds.

The idea in yoga asana (the physical postures) is to go deep into the psychic experience through the medium of the body so that practices are not just physical movements. Rather effort is made to bring awareness to the interplay between each yoga practice and the more subtle dimensions of the koshas (layers of energy that form us). In this way we deepen our personal experience of the body-mind-spirit connection we hear of so often.