Yoga Nidra is your missing “Off” switch – a tool that turns off the mind for deep relaxation and profound transformation. It is a guided form of meditation done while lying down.

Yoga Nidra relaxes, heals and transforms. It allows you to freely move between states of consciousness in a way not normally possible, and leaves you feeling calm and rejuvenated. The practice brings your natural creative powers to the forefront. This makes it easier to both manage the challenges that arise in life, and to manifest what you desire for your life, resulting in greater confidence and joy.

Here’s why yoga nidra should be a regular practice for everyone:

““Even while sleeping, thoughts and worries revolve in the mind, so that the tense person wakes up feeling exhausted. In order to relax completely, the inner tensions of the body, emotions and mind must be released. Then the actual state of relaxation dawns. The practice of yoga nidra is the scientific method of removing these tensions.”

Yoga Nidra is the only way to truly release all physical tension, all mental tension and all emotional tension.

There are many different practices called yoga nidra. Come experience this one!