Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga Designed to Fit You - Perfectly

Want to learn more about private yoga programs with me?

Private yoga instruction begins with an evaluation. Based upon the results of the evaluation I will design a yoga practice plan that includes postures, breathing practices, meditation and yoga nidra as appropriate. Depending upon interest less familiar practices, such as the system of yoga detoxification, are taught.

“Her classes are truly transforming . “

D. N.  Niemeier

“I started yoga with Gyanpriya several years ago on the advice of a friend. I was dealing with a physical condition and being an athlete, I instinctively knew that I had to find a way to regain flexiblity and to decrease my pain and calm my mind.

After taking a class, I decided it best to do private lessons. This experience of  yoga and Yoga Nidra taught by Gyanpriya helped me in so many ways. She started me off very gently with simple exercises to slowly regain flexiblity without increasing my pain level.

Over time with the lessons and the home program I began to feel more flexible, less pain and more calm. When she went to the ashram, I eventually stopped practicing on my own and found that I did not feel as well. I have once again begun to practice with Gyanpriya and am confident that I am on the right path. She is warm, and caring and very educated in yoga and yoga Nidra. Anyone who takes a class with Gyanpriya will benefit. I feel blessed to be able to learn from her.

G. Berluti