Gyanpriya is an internationally accredited yoga/meditation facilitator. In her traditional approach to yoga, yoga asana (the poses of yoga) are a very small part of yoga with the emphasis being on meditation and the practices that prepare one for both the practice and state of meditation. Her journey into the depth of yoga began in India where she was initiated into an ancient lineage of masters of both Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga. Extended time living in an ashram combined with 4,500 hours of government-accredited yoga training has enabled her to imbibe the essence of yoga, which comes through in her custom-designed yoga sessions. As a resident of an ashram and retreat center in New South Wales, Australia, she taught Yogic Studies, weekend workshops and Teacher Training modules for their government-accredited Yoga Academy.

Gyanpriya’s style of sharing yoga is heavily influenced by her own spiritual quest and journey to wellness. She encourages students to slow down and to balance strength with gentleness, effort with ease – for one is inherent in the other. Her approach reflects the practice and spirit of yoga and encourages mindfulness, which leads to calm and clarity on and off the mat.

She enjoys and has experience guiding a broad range of clients to realize their physical, mental and emotional needs through yoga practices and lifestyle tools. Her clients range in age from 7 – 80 and include children on the Autism spectrum, a professional athlete, busy professionals, work-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, those with health conditions, special sensitivities or chronic pain, and both very experienced and first-time yoga practitioners.

Although her background includes law, strategy consulting and award-winning furniture design, for over a decade Gyanpriya has exclusively devoted herself to the in-depth practice of yoga and sharing the benefits with others. She continues to practice yoga as a daily lifestyle, a habit she developed through her extensive teacher training and as a resident in yoga ashrams in both India and Australia. Clients appreciate her warmth, knowledge and commitment to safe practice.