Energize & Awaken!

“One of my favorite practices because of the way it increases energy levels while balancing the nervous system.”

Gyanpriya, E-RYT 500

The two sequences practiced in Energize and Awaken sessions increase the quantum and quality of both prana shakti and chitta shakti. They tone the endocrine system, which plays a role in coordinating  and regulating all physiological processes including the production and secretion of hormones. Both the physical and psychic bodies are energized. Most students immediately experience the positive impact of the practices.

Energize & Awaken is suitable for most levels of experience, fitness and health.

“There are 2 forces that govern the body, mind and psyche – prana shakti, the vital energy, and and chitta shakti, the mental energy . . .  All yogic techniques are geared towards awakening these two energies.”

Swami Niranjan

Energize and Awaken consists of 2 flowing sequences that balance the nervous system and harmonize the chakras – the spiritual energy centers that impact every aspect of our experience in life. This practice will leave you energized and alert!